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First person psychological horror game set on a space outpost where you are alone and your only job is to mine, day in and day out. But today something seems off.


Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorIceVayne Games
Tags3D, Atmospheric, First-Person, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Spooky


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love your game keep it up :):):):):)


very interesting cant wait for full version.

Very Nice Game !!  I like it ^^

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This demo was really awesome! I got Dead Space vibes justs from the the station itself. I think that might be a nice addition to the full version if you added some creatures like that. The atmosphere was incredible! I wasn't expecting the ending of the demo like that. At first I thought it was taking me to the menu but noticed that the day number was missing. All of a sudden it started me back in the room only to find out that I would freeze upon leaving. It's definitely a game I can see going big. Can't wait to see what the storyline is going to look like when its complete. 

The demo for this game so far is very cool!  I like the game so far and can't wait to see what you do with the game in the future! :) 

That was so cool! This demo is definitely a good hook for the game. It was really good

This was great! A great foundation for what could become a truly terrifying psychological horror game! I really enjoyed this! Here's my playthrough: 

A great demo. The atmosphere is really good. Can't wait for the full release.

Great way to show how isolation really gets to a person and a good foundation as well for a future game. I'd suggest making items that can be picked up highlighted instead of a glow.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

love the game it was great I can not wait for there to be a full release.

Love how the game looks and feels, very isolating and creepy. SciFi Horror is one of my favorites and this demo lays the groundwork for an interesting story. Can't wait until the full game is released.

Cool game. Definitely psychological horror.


i love it i need more please ugh well this is my gameplay check it out. By far the best demo I've


Definitely not the ending I was expecting but ,I loved this game all the same. I can't wait for the finished game to be released! If you are interested in my gameplay I will link it below

Nice game, love the repeating-an-event effect on the story, liked the jumpscares overall glad you guys made this game it was pretty fun and entertaining to play.

Thanks for playing and the feedback.

You're Welcome

SKIP TO 9:20!!!

Thanks for playing


Hello there, I am a youtuber who is trying to be more popular (Of course ;-;) and I have played your game and uploaded it as a video on my channel. I hope that I can get some support from the fellow itch.io members here.

Regarding the game, I felt that the details were done quite well but there was a lack of a storyline and a direction for the player to move accordingly to. I had much difficulty finding keycards because I tend to miss small objects like that and you can see that I was just looping around the provided path until something happens or when I find something. Overall, I am quite lookinh forward to the story that the game is going to tell and how Fred is going to ccontinue on in this game as the protagonist. I hope that I get to play the full version of the game when it comes out and I hope that more storyline and directions can be put into the game in the future. (And of course, some more puzzles like the first puzzle in the room that the player is spawned in).

Please support my channel by liking and subscribing the video. Thank you so much.

Thanks for the feedback!

I found a keycard. But the door says invalid key card... this is after I saw a woman Yu running by. Am I missing something here?

There is another keycard

The key card is on the floor where a the doppelganger of Fred is standing. The one blocking the original path you came from the initial room you spawned in.